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Our Schantz Church Organ
         The church purchased a new pipe organ from the A.J. Schantz & Sons Organ Co of Orrville Ohio who designed the entire organ along with the pipes.  The contract between Schantz and the Church was signed April 15, 1919 and according to the contract “The entire organ to be built with a view to supplying an instrument of the highest standard of perfection both from a mechanical as well as a musical standpoint.”  This new pipe organ cost $4,250 and was dedicated on September 7,1919 with Professor Miller of Seville playing at both services. 

       After  many years of use the organ needed attention and was rebuilt and cleaned by Schantz in 1943.  After several more years of usage, the organ again needed work.  It was rebuilt and brought up to modern day specifications.  This work was again done by Schantz and they donated an additional chime.  With this chime the organ has a total of 704 pipes.  The organ was dedicated on October 14, 1962.  In 1968 a vote was called to cover the exposed organ pipes in the new (current) building.  The same Schantz organ bought in 1919 is still in use today and has been played by many faithful, musical members  since its purchase.  We enjoy the music that comes from its pipes.  The present church organist is Brenda Wolfe.

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