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  From log schoolhouse to our modern day brick:
                    An overview of our buildings

    (Information assembled by Jarred Grant)

         From the summer of 1817 to  1828 church services were held in the log schoolhouse on the farm of Timothy Burr, in 1828 the church built for itself a roughly constructed log meeting house, in February 1844 Milo Loomis and Jeremiah Higbee obtained a lease on “the site of the present church” and erected a building for the church.  

        In 1867 this meeting house was repaired and blinds were added.  Also horse sheds were built for families who had to travel by horse and buggy or wagon.  In 1871 the building underwent many changes.  A basement was dug under the building to accommodate two good sized stoves; the high pulpit was torn out and a raised platform for the minister’s desk was made at the opposite end of the audience room; the seats faced the other way; raised seats for the choir were placed where the pulpit had formerly been and an organ was bought to aid in the music. 

New Building 1895

        Things remained this way, except for some changes  in carpet, wallpaper, etc. until 1895.  It was necessary for something to be done because the old building which had held services for 50 years was not large enough or convenient enough to suit the “modern” needs.  After the usual amount of planning, proposing, and discussing, the new church building was erected during the summer of 1895 and dedicatory services were held October 12th and 13th.  It is from this building in which all of our stained glass windows come from.


Newer Building 1960 and 1968
         In March 1958 the church accepted the architect’s proposal for a two story Fellowship Hall Educational Building, in June 1959 the vote of the church to start construction didn’t pass.  A one story revision was recommended and this passed with construction starting in spring of 1959.  This new building was dedicated in October 1960.  in October 1965 the Trustee Board was given the authority to hire and architect to proceed with drawings to remodel the building or build new.  In January 1966 at a business meeting of the church plans were presented for a proposed new building.  The process of getting a new building had begun and progressed until 1967 when the old building was razed and construction of the present building began.  The cornerstone was laid on October 8, 1967. This building was dedicated in 1968.
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